N is for Note, O is for Ornate and P is for Painted Paper

I couldn't think of a word that started with the letter N that represents a technique ( I kinda did that on a few already) so I chose the word note as in musical note. The tag was stamped with swirls using clear ink with clear embossing powder. Then brown ink was used to bring out the pattern of the swirls. Next came the stamped music sheet in black and over that I glued a transparency of a treble clef note. The words were printed and then distressed with some more brown ink.

The word ornate seemed like a good word to use for the letter O but I found it very challenging. It started out fun when I took some sparkly metallic watercolor paints and colored some embossed specialty paper. Well it turned out so pretty I didn't want to cover over it but I had to. So I fished around in my supplies and found a swirly thing-a-ma-bob and painted it with gold metallic paint and some more of the sparkly watercolor paints so it would sort of match the background. Then I had this big fat chipboard O which was very plain so I ran it through my Sizzix machine inside an embossing folder. Then more gold paint. Well you can't put that over a busy background so I put both onto a reddish purple rectangle of paper. The words were printed, cut out and inked. Phew! That one was a pain!

This one is my favorite one out of the three tags. All the backgrounds were cut from textured and painted paper I made last year. The background for the words and the letter P come from the same paint - lucky I still had some left over. I wrote out the words with a white gel pen. For me, it's all about the color!


  1. Love the P best, although they are all superb!!

  2. Ingrid, these are so pretty! I love all the techniques you used - and the compositions are so pleasing!

  3. Love all of your tags Ingrid ! Each one is amazing !