Tim Holtz shadowbox project and an ATB

Oh lordy. I'm getting lazy about posting again. Been busy pinning though! Posting and editing pictures of projects etc. takes a lot more work. I'm hoping for the day I can easily use speech recognition instead of my laborious typing. Oh well.

Anyway, I'll start with the oldest project first and then go from there.

This was first done in a class a year ago where it languished unfinished until I did a clean-up of my art room after the holidays. It's a Tim Holtz shadowbox that was layered with metal tape then textured and distressed. Most of the things came in a kit except for the pieces I harvested for other projects. Lots of gluing and trying to make things fit which can be a challenge though I'm happy with the results.

Next came an ATB (Artist Trading Block) challenge. I was having some fun with some new patina products I got from my local paper art store, Craft Fusion.The block was painted a rust color then a 2 part verdigris was applied here and there along with the plastic circles at the bottom. The angel started out as a frozen Charlotte doll which I then rusted. Then a rusted and distressed wing and a little rusted piece of lace held in place with some brown waxed linen cord and a decorative brad. I really enjoyed making this.