Repousse class with friends

What beautiful weather for an outdoor art class. We learned how to do repousse (metal embossing) and the cost of the class went to a local charity that funds scholarship money for high school girls who want to pursue the arts. Cool, huh?

Finally some creative time!

Pulled out my papers, paints and images and got playing. I'm working on making some tutorials and a video (with my son and his fancy camera) for Here's a sneak preview so far with my camera - sorry!

 Painted collage paper

 Tissue paper applied and painted over chipboard and cut out shapes

I've also have been playing around with mixed media collages.

My grand nieces came to visit for Spring Break

Been busy trying to keep up with these two. Luckily the weather here in Arizona has been beautiful and we have a heated community pool. Plus plenty of snacks and crafts.

Been living in my own world a little too much lately!!

Hello out there! Anybody there? Just in case someone does show up let me tell you what's been going on around here. The flooring including tile and carpet as well as most of the painting is done. We're still trying to move the stuff back into the house and it feels rather topsy turvy at the moment. My out of state visitors came and we had a great time though it was a little chilly when we went up to Sedona. But wow! we got some great pictures - about 1,000 - between our 4 cameras. Here are just a few.

Twisted juniper trees are supposed to mark a vortex. See the cairn of rocks to the right.
One of many views of Sedona
A street in Jerome

Gotta stop here for some goodies!

Monument Castle