A simple little card

A few months back I made this collage with the Little Lassie girl image but didn't know where to take it. Being short on time I thought a card might be a nice place to display her. So I measured the inside indentation panel of the card and using my old fashioned cropping method of using two L shape pieces of card stock, I taped the two L shaped pieces where I wanted her to be cropped. I made some pencil marks in the corners and cut her out with an Exacto blade. Then I wanted to give her some dimension so I used 3D Crystal Laquer on her and the scalloped edge below her. I put it on real thick about an hour ago so I'm still waiting for it to dry. It's very hot and dry here in AZ so I'm hoping it won't take too much longer!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my it's lovely.
    I'll send you some rain too,tons here in Michigan and barely 50 degrees !
    Hugs, Amy Jo