Halloween House

My fascination with making little houses started last year with this Halloween house which was made for a challenge in an art group I was attending. Sadly, our group broke up but I have a lovely memory of that fun time. We were to use an egg beaters or something similar like a milk carton and turn it into a Halloween house. Bet you wouldn't have known by looking at it. I had to cut out the indentation and rebuild the top of the house. Before I go on I want to give Mandy Jordan (junqegrrl on flickr) credit for being the inspiration for these houses. Go check out her really cool abandoned houses!

If I remember right I used Jerry's gesso which is very thick or else I may have used joint compound. Wish I took notes! Anyway, after that dried I painted the house in grays and tans wiping off the excess as I went along in order to highlight the texture. I then cut some cardboard for the roof and put more gesso/joint compound with a palette knife dragging it in one direction to get a roof texture. Then that was painted and wiped until I got the look I wanted.

The windows and front door must have been cut beforehand. I remember painting the interior of the house by using a small paint brush with dark gray paint and going through the windows and the door and just slopping it on the best I could. Then I got some florist's foam and carved out a little rocky landscape and plunked in some trees and some painted moss. The house was glued on and spider webbing was added in the trees. There was a big spider on the side of the house but I can't seemed to find it. Maybe it crawled away - eeewww!

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  1. This is AWESOME!!! It looks so much like old stone!!! WOW! :) Becky V.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! My current cardboard box houses are languishing. I wanted to be able to recycle them but the cardboard can't take the weight of the gesso. Back to the drawing board!