Recycled cracker box gift bag

After I finished the French millinery kit project for alteredpages I still had some paper left over from the 8 x 8 Glitz Touched with Grace paper pad. It just so happens that the boxes that snack crackers come in are the same size as the papers with some extra to wrap around the sides. I used one pattern for the front and a different one for the back and they fit perfectly. All that was needed was some trim, a nice little french lady and ribbon for the handle. You could do the same to a cereal box which also happens to be a little less than 8 x 11 inches wide.

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  1. I love it! Not only is it my favorite snack but my favorite thing is to recycle!!! awesomeness!!

  2. well if that isnt the cutest thing ever !! Great job in re-purposing !!

  3. Thanks! I love to involve food whenever I can! Munch munch!